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MGGB – Steven Bartlett

Hi Everyone

I hope you enjoyed Wednesday night’s dinner as much as I did. It was so great to see
the energy and the excitement of the future generation of Marketing being with us in
the room, and of course the brilliant, insightful and unquestionably wise Steven

A big thank you to him, and of course to Luke, for those who don’t know, jumping in at
quite short notice to interview Steven. I know a few members mentioned that they
would have liked the session to have been even longer. But unfortunately we’d been
informed that Steven had a call scheduled with San Francisco directly after, but which
he then subsequently missed as he ended up spending time with our members and

A joyful, insightful and inspiring evening.

I’m very pleased that we should expect the same for our Christmas dinner in December,
where we will be joined by the Brixton Chamber Orchestra, an incredible musical
ensemble who specialise in taking music to where people are: from car parks to
markets as well as in established music venues. They are a product of local talent from
Brixton, and bring a blend of creative energy and cultural diversity, which I’m sure we’ll
enjoy on the night.

We will then be in conversation with the legendary Richard E Grant. Oscar nominated
actor, writer, director and entrepreneur. I hope it will be a great celebration and

With the extended part of the evening, we will be starting a little bit earlier at 6:45pm
please for arrivals, and to be seated for 7:15pm. I very much hope that you and your
guests can make it and look forward to seeing you then.

Steve Hatch

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