The Marketing Group of Great Britain is a sociable dining club for marketing leaders. We host monthly dinners and occasional lunches with distinguished speakers who inspire us to think about today’s marketing challenges.

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Our October event will be on  Wednesday 7th Oct - Speaker: John Sopel, North American Correspondent, BBC

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The MGGB attracts entertaining and sometimes controversial speakers who have something interesting to say about marketing in the modern world. From rain-makers and entrepreneurs to politicians and cultural icons, we have people to inspire and challenge you.

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There are 150 members in our club representing a cross-section of marketing leaders. The prestige is worn lightly and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, but it is still a big thing to be part of this. The directory tells you who’s who.

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Thank you to all of those who joined us last Wednesday for our first virtual dinner of the new season. Alison Rose was, as expected, a class act, and it was brilliant to hear her story and the changes she is making to the NatWest Group.