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MGGB – Our new Chair – Steve Hatch

Dear Members

I trust you are enjoying the summer. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at Tate Modern for our final dinner of the season. Please do note the change in dress code.

The time has come for me to hand over the reins of the Chair-ship. I cannot tell you what a privilege and honour it has been over the last year. The Club has been through a period of change, and we wanted to continue and accelerate it.

The Club needs a Chair with a modern, forward-thinking outlook to marketing, someone with warmth and empathy, committed to embracing both DE&I, technology and social responsibility. Someone who will put the Club and what’s right before themselves and that someone is Steve Hatch.

Steve is going to be a fantastic Chair. He will create great legacy. Please join me in congratulating him when you see him on the 6th July. I think having Steve succeed me is the best thing I’ve done in my time as Chair. I’m excited for him and the rest of us. See you all on July 6th

Best wishes

Magnus Djaba

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