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MGGB – Lord William Hague

Hi Everyone

For those of you that were able to attend our first evening of 2023 last week, I’m sure you’ll agree that we had a real tour de force of a speaker in William Hague. He spoke eloquently on the topic of how history will view this period in politics. Lord Hague also covered global politics, local politics, energy strategy, plus, what is it like to turn down Boris Johnson in an interview, and what is it like to sit across from Vladimir Putin. William clearly inspired the group and we appreciated that he stayed for drinks with members afterwards.

We were also able to welcome five new members to the group Bill Scott, Droga 5 UK and Ireland CEO, Matt Bushby, Rightmove CMO, Abba Newbury, CIRCA5000 CMO, Jane Stiller, ITV CMO and Kay Bartlett, Wagamama CMO. We look forward to seeing you throughout the rest of the season.

Looking ahead to our next evening on March 1st, we are so privileged, particularly ahead of International Women’s Day on the 8th March, to be joined by one of the most impressive leaders in the world; Chair of the Wellcome Trust and former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard.

Julia will be joining us a little over 10 years since her seminal speech in the Australian parliament on misogyny. I’m sure we’ll have a great discussion on leadership, the role of life sciences and what it is like to be the first female Prime Minister in Australia’s history.

As a reminder for everyone, and in particular for our next talk, membership means you are free to bring anybody you think would enjoy the evening – colleagues, friends and family.

I encourage you to bring them along for what promises to be a fantastic moment for the club and inspirational for the next generation of female leaders in our country.

Until then I hope everybody stays well and look forward to seeing you at Claridge’s on March 1st.

Steve Hatch

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