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July end of season

Dear Members,

The final dinner of the season was true ‘rock and roll’ – for those of you who missed it, we missed you too! Duran Duran, were stuck in the studio so running a little late but getting away with it in the way only big stars can you can try these out. They were fantastic – entertaining, engaged and debonair…..and the wonderful journalist and presenter Kate Thornton did a equally superb job anchoring the evening.

It all made for a little bit of pop glamour for Claridge’s – I don’t think we shocked the regulars too much, despite some fans waiting outside Claridge’s trying to get a selfie with the boys.

I am handing off to Robert Senior now – your new Chair – so I will leave him to send the tantalising trailers of next season. I’ve already had a sneak preview though and it’s looking very exciting.

But I would like to say some thank yous: to Torin Douglas, for hosting our two panel discussions so splendidly; to Phil Smith for his work on this season’s members only events; to Nick Smith, our treasurer, for managing the group’s finances; and of course to Clare Russell for her ongoing and tireless work for the group.

You haven’t entirely seen the last of me, however, as I will continue to work on our project with the Ministry of Defence to find work experience placements for members of the armed forces looking to start new careers; we’ve had lots of companies offer placements (thank you!) but we are struggling to connect servicemen and women to them. I’m working on it: watch this space.
I would also like to announce two new members of Council – Nina Bibby, Marketing & Consumer Director, Telefonica and Matthew Barwell, Chief Marketing Officer, Britvic Soft Drinks Plc.

Thank you once again for entrusting me with the good ship MGGB this year, and for letting me try some new things. I think we’re in a good place as a group – changing where we need to while remaining true to our heritage – and I’m looking forward to 2015 / 16 from the back-benches! But for now, I’m signing off!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer

Very best wishes,


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