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A thank you from the Benedetti Foundation

On behalf of the Benedetti Foundation, I would like to thank you for your support and recent generous donation to the Foundation’s charitable work, we are very grateful Nicola Benedetti very much enjoyed performing at your dinner earlier this month and was delighted to have been invited to do so.
Teaching young people about music and helping others recognise its value is very close to her heart and the platform you provided for her to profile this issue and the work that the Benedetti Foundation is doing throughout the UK was much appreciated.
In turn your members were extremely generous in the many donations that were received for the Foundation over the course of the evening and I would like to extend our thanks to all of them for supporting our work in this way, we are very grateful.
I hope that there might be future opportunities to work together and the Benedetti foundation would be delighted to consider how we might mutually support each other.
With my thanks and best wishes
Executive Director

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