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September 2017/18 launch dinner

Dear Members,
For those of you who were able to join us last night, our 2017/18 season got off to a fantastic start, where we were both charmed and enthralled by Sir Ben Ainslie. In interview with the highly engaging Vassos Alexander, Ben shared some of the thrills and spills of his career and gave us a fascinating insight into just how complex elite sailing is- technically, strategically and commercially. And whilst we arrived already impressed with his sporting achievements we left almost overwhelmed by his seemingly effortless command of all the skills needed to lead a commercially sustainable racing team. A warrior leader in the very best traditions!
We also had some great questions from the floor- so thank you for those and keep them coming.
Our next dinner is on October 4th, where our guest speaker will be Matt Frei, Europe editor C4 news. Matt is one of our most respected journalists, as well as being a very entertaining speaker. With his in-depth knowledge of American politics where he was the BBC’s Washington Correspondent and in his current brief where he is up close to the unfolding Brexit narrative, there is no one better placed to give us a view on what the political future may hold. And he will definitely be giving a view, taking full advantage of our Chatham House rules…this is going to be a do not miss event!
Thank you all for your warm welcome as Chair, and I look forward to seeing you all next month, when I hope to be out of plaster, and slightly less ‘sub-Jude’!
Best wishes.
Jude Bridge
Chair 2017-28