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Matt Frei – October dinner review

Dear members
I’m sure that everyone who attended our dinner this week would agree that it was a great success.
Matt Frei was an outstanding speaker and he gave us an oratorical masterclass. His analysis of why the political order has been so seismically shifted was sharp, eloquent and insightful. And sprinkled with some highly entertaining anecdotes. It was also great to see the bar so full after dinner- always a sign of a good evening.
For our dinner on November 8th we turn from global politics to another MGGB favourite – Retail. Our guest speaker, Sir Malcolm Walker CBE founded Iceland foods in 1970, and is still at the helm of a business which is one of the fastest growing food businesses in the UK. Malcolm will I’m sure give us his unique insight into one of the most successful brand repositioning’s of recent years- The Power of Frozen marking a significant departure from previous campaigns. And as those of you who have read his autobiography, Best Served Cold, or who watched Life in the Freezer Cabinet will know, Malcolm also has some clear thoughts on marketing that I’m sure he will also share with us!
It promises to be another fascinating night at the MGGB, and tickets are already selling fast. So do book, online or via Clare.
I also hope to be able to confirm details of the December dinner in the next week or so. So watch this space!
Best wishes
Jude Bridge
Chair 2017-2018