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Alison Rose was, as expected, a class act talking about the changes she is making to the NatWest Group

Dear Members,
Thank you to all of those who joined us last Wednesday for our first virtual dinner of the new season. It was great to be able to see people – and good to see Tim Lefroy keeping up appearances in Black Tie – and to be able to reconnect. Alison Rose was, as expected, a class act, and it was brilliant to hear her story and the changes she is making to the NatWest Group.
We also tried virtual tables for the first time. We had hoped to have carefully choreographed groups but unfortunately there were a few technical glitches which meant that for some it was more akin to an evening where you throw your car keys into a bowl and get to spend time with people you have never previously met. Feedback has however been positive, and we will continue to learn as we go and to make changes to ensure that we retain the spirit of the MGGB and the experience of being members of this club.
As we do this, I am keen to get feedback from members about how we should evolve our virtual offering and to this end there is a link to a questionnaire below. It also covers the finances of the club which overall are sound, but as we continue in the virtual world, we have not been receiving revenue from dinners, but do have some ongoing expenses. It would be helpful to have views from members about how we address this going forward so please do complete the questionnaire which should take less than five minutes to complete.
Next month’s speaker on Wednesday 7th October will be Jon Sopel, the leading journalist currently serving as the BBC’s North America Editor. Jon will bring fantastic insight into the Trump White House and with the Presidential race in full swing will no doubt be able to share the likely twists and turns ahead of November 3rd and the possible implications of a Trump or Biden victory.
I hope you will join us for what promises to be a special evening and as always, you can book online or write to Clare.
I look forward to seeing you all on October 7th.
With all good wishes,

Matt Barwell
Chair, The Marketing Group of GB

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