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A very successful year for the MGGB

Dear Members,
I’m delighted to be writing to you at the end of a very successful year for the MGGB.
For those of you that joined us last week, you would have heard the incredible Eddie Jones tell it straight about the difference between playing and winning, the need for preparation and sacrifice, and his clear views on corporate culture campaigns!
I thought we were also extremely fortunate to have the Mike King Collective and Laura Wright perform for us on the evening. My thanks to them both.
We’ve been extremely lucky over the last year to hear from some of the most prominent leaders and thinkers across industry, politics and journalism. In these changing times, I’m sure you’ll agree that the MGGB continues to be the place to hear from the key opinion formers of our time.
Next year will be no different with Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director General of the CBI, our next speaker in February, and then a Brexit themed panel in March, scheduled to coincide with the possible starting gun of Article 50. More details to come (on our panel) in the New Year!
Thank you to all of you who have offered your support thus far and for your continued loyalty to the MGGB. It’s the members that make this club, and it is a joy seeing it go from strength to strength.
I look forward to seeing you on 1 February to welcome new members, hear from Carolyn, and begin, what I hope, will be a fantastic 2017 for the MGGB.
My best wishes to you and your family for the festive season.
David Wheldon