Dame Carolyn McCall, in conversation with Suki Thompson

On Wednesday, Dame Carolyn McCall, in conversation with Suki Thompson, spoke with conviction
about explaining the difficult decision to withdraw the Jeremy Kyle show to ITV colleagues.

She defended the safeguarding of participants on the phenomenon that is Love Island and spoke of a
bright future on multiple platforms for Britbox content. She was quizzed too on the other two B’s
(“Boris and Brexit”) and gave a balanced perspective on their potential impact on ITV.

At our special dinner on Wednesday, 17th July the Prime Minister will be our guest speaker. Clare
continues to operate a wait list. We will announce the Central London venue much closer to the
date, for security reasons. The Prime Minister will be taking questions, so I would like gently to
remind members and their guests that while we welcome challenge and different perspectives,
questioners are expected to address respectfully our speakers, who have given up their time to be
with us.

I look forward to seeing many of you on July 17th, for our final dinner of the season.

Best wishes,

Phil Smith

Chair 2018-2019